Vegan Degustation at Transformer

Care for yummy, top quality healthy vegetarian/vegan food at an amazingly reasonable price in a cool Melbourne location? You may think vegetarian or vegan food can be healthy but very plain and boring in taste but I bet if you ate at Transformer you would love it even if you’re not usually a plant-based eater! cookingwithyoshiko-cocktail

goji-emoji cocktail Even the cocktail menu was cool and healthy.

My hubby ordered an interesting cocktail named “Goji emoji.” Sorry, I can’t remember the exact ingredients but it had kombucha, goji berries and rum.  There are also cocktails with wheat grass and kimchi….so interesting!

Why I chose Transformer Fitzroy?

Since I was going to Melbourne, I asked some fellow vegans from Australian Foodies Facebook Group for the recommendation.

I received a lot of recommendations but Transformer was the number one with no negative comments.

Turns out they were right! Transformer met my expectation! It satisfied my greedy appetite and my desire to eat yummy food.

I had a wonderful time over there I actually fell in love as soon as I went inside! So beautiful and so cool! cookingwithyoshiko-transformer-inside We had the “Feed Me” course with vegan options.

I was a bit worried to do the vegan option since quite a few restaurant simply omit cheese from the dish but I was told that they put non-dairy cheese instead of dairy cheese, so I was totally delighted!

The Menu

cookingwithyoshiko-transfomer-olives Mount zero mixed olives, roast peppers, sweet pickled garlic + Chilli (VO-GFO) Sweet pickled garlic blew my mind! I love pickled garlic but I’ve never had garlic like this here in Australia. (In Japan, I can find this a lot ) so I was super happy! cookingwithyoshiko-corn-fritters Sweet corn fritter fries + chipotle mayonnaise cookingwithyoshiko_transoformer Steamed broccolini, pumpkin seeds, barberries, saffron infused feta + pecans (VO-GF) This was a vegan option, it used macadamia feta instead of usual feta. cookingiwithyoshiko-transformer-pilaf Three rice pilau, sprouted lentils, chickpeas, pomegranate + fried onion (VO-GF) Three rice was Red rice, Safran rice and Plain rice.

It was colourful and such a pretty dish! I always say I love rice as rice is my staple food, so I was quite happy to have this.

cookingwithyoshiko-transfomer-salad Buffalo mozzarella, zucchini, mint + pea salad w currant puree (VO-GF) Coconut oil mozzarella was served instead of buffalo mozzarella for vegan option.

It was very rich in flavour.

I am so glad they simply omit the cheese and add dairy free cheese.

Another favourite part was the pea! It was amazingly tasty and fresh.

I rarely use fresh peas at home (because it’s so time-consuming!) so that made this dish very special! cookingwithsyohiko-transfomer_eggplant Cumin braised eggplant, chermoula, smoked labneh, quinoa crisps + mint (VO-GF) This reminded me middle eastern flavour.

Cashew cream was very smooth, and great alternate option of smoked labneh.

Even though we were totally full we could not resist heir desserts so we ordered one dessert to share.

cookingwithyoshiko-dessert Pistachio cake, saffron poached pear, star anise meringue, almond + lemon thyme sorbet (V)

It was too sweet for me but gave me great satisfaction to finish off the meal. All dishes were just divine! They were well presented and the amount of food was good too.



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