My health check-up result and how I got to healthy eating

Healthy food doesn’t just heal a single part of your body. It heals EVERY PART of your body as a whole!

Today, I would like to share my latest health check-up and I am so delighted to once again witness that our diets are a key component to the functioning of EVERY part of our body.

As you might have known, I used to have horrible skin during my teenage up until my mid 30. I used to have lots of pimples all over my face.

I did try many supplements ranging from very expensive luxurious skincare products to birth control pills. There was a time I even spent $1000 to peel seven layers of my skin. Nothing really worked. Until I changed my diet.

Now, I am in my mid 40 and happy not to have any health problems while my friends my age or even younger starts to face some health concerns.

Thanks to the terrible skin I used to suffer, I decided to eat well, which I once thought would be the hardest thing on earth. That eventually turned out the greatest decision I had ever made during my 30s. Whole healthy meals not only heal my skin but also heal other parts of my body and keep my body vigorous. And most beautifully, it even reduces grey hairs!

Great cholesterol level

GOOD CHOLESTEROL LEVEL: I tried to keep my cholesterol level within the normal range and had no idea how good it was until my doctor said it is very good.

In particular, I had always had very low blood pressure but now as shown in the check-up result, my doctor says it is great! When it comes to grey hair, I first found my hair turned gray when I was 33 and it kept getting worse since. However, after the switch in my diet, I suffered fewer grey hairs in my 40s and in no need of having my hair dyed at all to cover the grey. (I used to dye my hair to brown when I was younger but I haven’t dyed my hair for more than 15 years now!). If it hadn’t been for the diet alteration, I am sure I would have had more health problems and more grey hairs than I do now!


Great blood pressure level

GOOD BLOOD PRESSURE: Again, The doctor said it is really good!!!

My hubby thinks I am getting cocky, you know, as I am overly confident in my health. I still don’t have a private insurance since all I need is teeth cleaning twice a year and I haven’t done the Pap smear test for more than 15 years either ( I know it was so naughty of me but I finally did it this year and yesss, I am fine!). All I try is to do a blood test every year.

Being cocky and trivializing regular health check-up might be a bad thing but you know, nothing beats the feeling of being so confident in your own health that you don’t have to worry about checking-up. It is, indeed, priceless. Once you get sick, not only your physical health but also your mood is affected. You may start to worry and wonder “what’s wrong with me” or “ I need a second opinion” which is an awful feeling, not to mention the cost it may take.

I actually spend more money and time on my healthy eating because I know it is one of the best ways to invest in myself. I know for sure that would cost me much less than all the medical and beauty maintenance fees (skin care products, hair-dressing service etc.). And it saves me time, too, since I don’t need to be hospitalized or waiting to see a doctor.

I do eat nasty food now and then but I keep the limit of 80% good and 20% nasty so I know I will be fine. (I can’t give up instant noodle and that is my biggest enemy. It would give me a pimple the next day which stays red for ages..oh dear)

This video is my journey to healthy eating.

Please remember, eating healthy can be hard but it can also be fun, easy and enjoyable.

My love for food is bigger than anyone’s (that is why I have been in the food industry for many years) and I keep finding new ways to enjoy healthy meals every day so it never gets boring.

Hope my story inspires you to start to eat better and “eat excellent”!

Yoshiko xx

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