Malaysian vegan dinner at Makan by chef Tan

Vegan Malaysian food is hard to come by. Luckily, walking around Neutral bay, to check out the new venue for my Japanese cooking class, we came across one…


We are now extending the locations for my cooking classes and we were checking out Northern Sydney, neutral bay, for the new venue. And of course, I went to finish off by eating a vegan meal in Neutral Bay with my assistant.

I found a Malaysian restaurant that has good vegan options from Happy cow.

For me, Malaysian foods = sweet so I normally don’t choose Malaysian foods as my first choice but I am always open to eating at restaurants that have good vegan options. So, I decided to give it a try!

When we looked around for a seat, even though it was still early… like 5:30 pm, a few tables were already dining and it seemed like the portions were very generous! – Sounds good, right?

I talked to a friendly staff to find out which dishes are not too sweet –



Vegan ‘prawns’ served in a batter of Nestum cereal, chillies and curry leaves

I found the cereal part just a little bit sweet (not too sweet like most Thai restaurants in Australia though)

Oh no… I didn’t know what Nestum cereal was (I should have researched beforehand! Damn! ). I found out that most of Nestlé ‘s products, which is not my favourite food company, contains milk!

Nestlé® Nestum® Grains & More
Made from a delicious recipe of nutrient-rich multi-grains, such as whole-wheat, corn, rice and milk

This dish was the least favourite dish for both of us even before knowing about the Nestle product.



Slow-simmered vegan ‘beef’ with toasted coconut, lemongrass, chillies, ginger and turmeric

This is my most favourite dish!

I was a bit scared to order this because of the coconut existence (I am not a big fan of coconut flavour) but the staff told me it is not sweet at all. So, I trusted her and I was so delighted that I ordered it. This dish is so flavoursome, so yummy, I was putting the rendang sauce over the prawn dish as well.



Stir-fried mixed vegies in preserved beancurd sauce

My assistant has never had preserved beancurd and she seemed worried. I know some people can’t handle preserved bean curd but the staff told us it is not that strong a flavour so we ordered it. – not strong at all!

This dish has many types of crunchy veggies plus fried bean curd! I didn’t mind extra salt and preserved bean curd for more flavour but I would order this dish again next time I go there because it is great company for other dishes.



This is the dish I want to order next time, I wanted to order it but a couple of reviews mention it was oily so we didn’t. But I would love to try this because I love deep-fried food and mushroom!!!!!

We actually could not finish it all so I let my assistant take the leftovers away for her partner.

I wish we could have sweets because there is a great choice of sweets there… but both of us were lacking sleep from the day before so I decided to go home asap so we skipped the sweets.

I would go back again to order salt and pepper mushroom instead of vegan prawn and order some sweets next time!



Makan by Chef Tan
Shop 13, 166 Military Rd Neutral Bay NSW




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