How to Boost Your Immune System

Eating Alkalinising food is important! Here’s why:

Are you eating too many naughty foods and drinks 

Binge eating and drinking will make us very acidic and more prone to get sick.  That’s because nasty things like flu virus, cancer cells, inflammation and more thrive in acidic environment. 

As you can imagine, healthy foods like vegetables, legume, fruits with low sugar content are alkaline foods but did you know that Japanese superfoods are VERY VERY highly alkalinising foods.

That is why I use Japanese superfoods to neutralise or alkaline my body after naughty foods!  

Super Alkalising Foods!

One of my favourite Japanese superfoods is Konnyaku (aka konjac) Konnyaku is one of the highest alkaline foods I have ever known – yes, higher than kale and broccoli!  

Amazing Gut Cleanser = Strengthened Immune System  

Konnyaku also absorbs toxins in your gut and releases it in your no.2 – It is a fabulous gut cleanser which can help improve bowel movements because of its high dietary fibre.  Did you know that your gut wall houses 70% of the cells that make up your immune system? That means good gut health can boost your immune system tremendously!


So, how can I use Japanese Superfoods in my everyday life?

Most people don’t know that you don’t need to eat konnyaku in a “Japanese way, you can simply add Japanese superfoods to your favourite dish. For example, I add konnyaku into my smoothies! Now, it’s perfect for hot weather and great way to eat raw veggies! 

My Konnyaku Smoothie! My hubby doesn’t like konnyaku by itself but once I put in the smoothie, he loves it! It gives creamy texture to the smoothie  

That’s why it is great to start adding Japanese superfoods for your health!

At the moment, in Australia our air is so polluted because of the on-going bush fires and the world is facing the scary threat of the coronavirus.

As a result, we definitely need to protect ourselves by wearing masks, washing our hands and so on but having strong immune system during this time especially, is definitely a must to stay healthy during this challenging time.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to boost your immune system with Japanese Superfoods!

Yoshiko XX


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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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