Hochi Mama- Vegan Vietnamese in Melbourne

My hubby and I had a lovely meal at Hochi Mama when were in Melbourne. It is a Vietnamese fusion restaurant that offers many vegan dishes!

I feel super lucky that I could travel to Melbourne just before the border was closed off to NSW. We were shocked at how quiet Melbourne was, even though there were no locally acquired Covid cases for many days. Despite the quietness in the CBD, this restaurant was absolutely packed even on a weekday!

Outside the busy Hochi Mama despite of  the quietness in CBD 

We decided to go for the “Me Hungry Now” course, which allows you to pick 2 entrées, 2 main dishes and 1 side dish between two people. For lunch, it is $32.50 per person and for dinner, it is $34.50 per person. You can also have a third-person and add an extra dish to each (entrée, main and side). 

Another good thing to note was that the menu clearly indicates which dish is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.

For the entrée, we had the Vegan Peking Duck Wraps! My hubby does not enjoy mock meat, so I wasn’t sure if we could order it, but he said it is ok because this is the only dish (if I order all dishes with mock meat, then it would be a problem). I am so glad we could order it because it was so delicious and my hubby loves Peking duck. Even though he hates mock meat, he enjoyed it very much! 

Vegan Peking Duck Wraps- $14 (2pc) 

(100% vegan duck with mushroom, cucumber, asparagus, carrot)

I wanted to order crispy fried dumplings, but unfortunately, it was not available, so I choose Green Tea Tofu Bao instead! I am so glad we ordered it because it was so yummy and isn’t it pretty? I think they use frozen hard tofu because it has a “meaty” texture. 

Green Tea Tofu Bao- $15 (2pc)

(fried tofu, cucumber, Sriracha, vegan mayonnaise, fermented chilli beans, green tea steamed bun)

For the side, we are supposed to only choose one so as a healthy person, I should have ordered just the traditional Vietnamese slow, but being the greedy and carb-loving person I am we ended up having three sides: Two steamed rice and Hanoi Vegetarian Spring Rolls! 

Hanoi Vegetarian Spring Rolls- $7.5 (4pc) 

Steamed Fragrant Rice- $3.5

For mains, we had the Salt and Pepper Crumbled Silken Tofu. It is not just some ordinary salt and pepper tofu; it came with loads of veggies and tasted amazing too!

Salt and Pepper Crumbled Silken Tofu- $24 

(broccoli, zucchini, capsicum, chilli, baby carrot)

We also had the Cashew Stir-Fry with the choice of tofu, which was so beautifully seasoned and again served with lots of veggies and aesthetically pleasing.

Cashew Stir-Fry- $23

(tofu, capsicum, Chinese celery, spring onion, chilli)

Just like the course says “Me hungry Now”—yes, we are absolutely full. We actually could not finish all food which is VERY RARE (because we are usually like hungry animals with food most of the time). However, we ordered more than what the “Me Hungry Now” course suggested, even though the portions were very generous. 

 I love this place very much because all food was TASTY, INTERESTING, PRETTY, HAD LOTS OF VEGGIES AND AT A GOOD PRICE, which is very hard to find! Even my non-vegan hubby enjoyed the dishes so immensely that he ate a lot of veggies! 

Whenever I come back to Melbourne, I will eat here again as I will make sure to remember how great their service, price and food quality is!

Hochi Mama in Melbourne 

Address: 11 Liverpool St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Visit their website: https://hochimama.melbourne/




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