Boost Your Bone Health With Matcha!

As mentioned in my previous blogs, matcha has several health and beauty benefits such as weight loss, detoxification, anti-ageing, alkalinity and more! But did you know matcha also helps strengthen your bones? 

Incorporate matcha into your daily diet to ensure optimal bone health! 

As we age, our bodies change through the breakdown and rebuilding of bone tissue. Especially during menopause, our bone density decreases so maintaining strong bones becomes increasingly difficult, and thus are at higher risk of developing conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

While exercise is essential for bone health, many people opt for other methods such as topical approaches or calcium supplements, but these alone aren’t enough. Although less known, Vitamin K poses several improvements in bone health!

How Does Vitamin K Help Bone Strength?

Vitamin K activates proteins involved in bone formation and mineralisation, and comes in two forms — K1 and K2. Both play vital roles in calcium metabolisation which is crucial for maintaining bone structure and the health and stability of the skeletal system. Additionally, K1 and K2 help to synthesise osteocalcin which is the protein used to bind calcium and improve bone health. So why not consider incorporating it into your diet?

Want to Boost Vitamin K Naturally? Try Matcha!

Matcha is one of the highest Vitamin K-rich superfoods globally, alongside Natto, another Japanese staple. Several studies have indicated that consuming one to two teaspoons of matcha daily can fulfil your Vitamin K requirements and contribute to:

  • Increasing bone mineral density
  • Slowing down bone loss after menopause
  • Limiting fracture risks in those with osteoporosis

Matcha ALSO Helps Inflammation!

The ability to move freely directly impacts our quality of life as we age. Inflammation often accompanies aging, leading to reduced mobility. In females, inflammation is further increased by the loss of estrogens at menopauseThe good news is that matcha contains a high concentration of catechins and the highest natural levels of EGCG, an antioxidant that prevents the build-up of many inflammatory chemicals in your body. This means its anti-inflammatory properties help to counteract inflammation and promote overall joint health.

Menopause causing inflammation and bone weakness?  Have a cup of matcha to boost Vitamin K1 to maintain bone health and structure!

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