Vegan Sweets At Komeda Is: Ginza, Tokyo

After failing to try the vegan dessert at Komaki Syokudu, I knew I had to hunt for a place where I could get some yummy dessert. After a quick Google, I stumbled upon a vegan coffee shop in Ginza called Komeda Is.


Komeda Is entrance

Did you know that the Japanese are major coffee lovers? That’s why there are lots of Japanese coffee shops. Komeda Coffee, which originated from Nagoya prefecture is one of many coffee shops in Japan. They currently have 1,000 coffee shops in Japan, and the Komeda Is store we visited is the only fully plant-based version of Komeda Is coffee in Tokyo.

The place is very environmentally friendly as they made use of recycled materials to create the interior and fittings of the shop. Some of the fittings you may notice are the reuse of wood to replicate trees and develop an earthy tone to their interior, alongside their very comfy divided seats, fulfilling a relaxed individual space.


Eco-friendly interior – credit to Komeda Is

I must admit that when I ordered it wasn’t in a precise way at all. Usually, I study the menu thoroughly and tend to decide the menu beforehand before visiting. However, this time, it was an unexpected cafe visit, so I decided to be spontaneous in my choices of food.

1. Almond milk Jellyco 

Jellyico is Komeda coffee shop’s original dessert drink. It is also named this way, as Jellyco is a word made from both jelly and coffee! So, to sum it up, Almond milk jelly co is made from almond milk with iced coffee and coffee jelly, topped with whipped cream. (vegan-friendly version).


Almond milk Jellyco – ¥850

2. Home-made coffee jelly

A dessert made with a bittersweet homemade jelly from their specialty coffee and served with a banana and soft serve ice cream. I know these items are similar right? Well, that’s the sad thing that happens when I tend not to study the menu in advance.


Home-made coffee jelly – ¥850

We also ordered a strawberry sandwich, which is only available during spring. It was so yummy! I ended up taking some home since we didn’t end up finishing it, and then gave the leftover to my husband who also loved it SO much! It seemed to be such a popular menu item as it was not only recommended by a staff member but also got sold out 5 minutes after we ordered! – Phew!

Komeda Is, is always offering limited items on their seasonal menus such as shaved ice desserts during the Summer. So we were very lucky to have visited during Spring to try their amazing strawberry sandwiches!


Strawberry sandwiches –  Spring seasonal menu item

Komeda Is sell lots of coffee daily, catering to dietary needs with plant-based, soy, oat and almond milk options. Alongside this, they also sell sweets and some meals during their breakfast/lunch periods such as plant-based burgers, pasta and even snacks to accompany their alcohol offering.


Credit to Komeda Is ?? Instagram 

They have touch panels that you can order from with options to order your drinks anytime or after the meals offered. However, there are no options to order in English which is unfortunate and quite rare for a vegan place in Tokyo. Regardless, I am sure it will improve soon, so please ask for some help from a staff member.

Yep! Just after 5 minutes from when we ordered, the strawberry sandwich was sold out!

My other huge regret is… I didn’t know Komeda Is’s signature sweet was “Shiro Noir”. Komeda I’s flagship product “Shiro Noir,” is a hot Komeda Is special Danish bread topped with plenty of cold soft-serve ice cream. They also had a vegan version available here.

Shiro Noir – ¥950

I am SO gonna make sure that I order a vegan “Shiro Noir” next time I visit Tokyo!


*Update: A follower on my Instagram also mentioned that English is available when ordering from the touch screens! Just make sure you change the settings.

Komeda Is Higashi-Ginza store

Address: 1st Floor, Ginza Shochiku Square, 1-13-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045





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