Let’s Alkalise Our Body with Matcha Green Tea

Matcha soared in popularity when people realised just how many amazing health and beauty benefits it possesses, now Matcha is known globally. One of these benefits is being able to alkalise our body with matcha!


alkalise our body with matcha

Matcha green tea has been proven to posess many health benefits, including its alkalising effect. Our bodies function the best when its pH is alkaline.

What is Alkaline and What is Acidic?

Alkaline and acidic are two opposites side of the pH spectrum, where anything lower than  pH 7 is acidic, and anything higher than pH 7 is alkaline.

Why is it Important to Maintain an Alkaline pH?

Our blood is naturally slightly alkaline, with a pH around 7.35-7.45. This is the perfect level for a healthy, functioning body.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by many acidic foods that are so tasty, convenient or cheap. There are even foods that look healthy but contain hidden acidic ingredients – it is getting harder to keep our blood alkalised!

An acidic bodily pH can result in inflammation, and it has been found that some diseases thrive in acidic environments. Eating too much acidic foods produces excess acid in the body, which can result in acidic urine that leads to uric acid stones in the kidneys, and other ailments. Cancer, heart disease, and liver problems are also all linked to diets with excess acid intake. Excessive acid consumption can also affect individuals with pre-existing conditions such as IBS and acid reflux.

Many tasty foods, snacks, and animal products are acidic. We should eat less of these, and eat more alkalising foods like fruits and vegetables (and matcha!)

Having an alkaline diet is crucial to our overall health. One of the reasons why the Japanese diet is so healthy, is that we use quite a few highly alkalising ingredients like seaweeds, konnyaku and list goes on.

Are you, like many others, a coffee lover? Me too!

Unfortunately, coffee is also one of these naturally acidic drinks that many love, with an average pH around 5. Speciality coffee brewers will often aim for certain acidity levels in the drinks they make, as it enhances the flavour of the coffee beans. I used to have coffee every single day. Until I decided to drink Matcha green tea instead, honestly a life-changing choice.

I will still enjoy a coffee every now and then, but my days will always start off with a glass of water and a fresh cup of matcha green tea.

Matcha is the Only Drink that is BOTH Alkalising and Caffeinated!

Not only is matcha a source of natural caffeine, it’s also the only alkalising, caffeinated drink! Most other teas such as Oolong tea (average pH 5.5-7), and black tea (average pH 4.9-5.5) are acidic. This acidity also increases when you add sugar and diary milk. Matcha has a pH of 9, very alkaline!

Whilst coffee does contain natural caffeine, it is very acidic. Matcha is the only drink that is naturally caffeinated AND alkaline.  

I’ll be honest, it took me some time to fully replace coffee with matcha green tea, but now I really enjoy it! Drinking cheap matcha didn’t help, having high quality matcha made a huge difference for me in taste and effect. These good quality matchas cost quite a bit more, sometimes triple the normal cost, but it taste so much better and more effectively provides its health and beauty benefits to you.

Not all matcha is the same!

There is lots of poor-quality matcha on the market, and I’ve tried many bad matchas in Sydney. My organic, ceremonial-grade matcha uses stone-ground ‘first flush’ leaves. Cheaper, mass-produced matchas use second, third or even fourth flush, and sometimes not even using matcha leaves. This produces a bitter taste, and has less nutrients.

Using a high-quality matcha will not only ensure you are recieving the maximum health benefits, but it will also improve taste and enjoyment.

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