Healthy Vegan Lunch at Verd in Manly

We went to Verd, a plant-based restaurant that offers healthy plant-based bowls and smoothies when we went to Manly beach.

In the summer, it is easier for me to healthy because I find it easier to have a cold dish that contains lots of raw veggies, do you also feel that way?

Verd Restaurant- Such nice vibes with lots of greenery!

My potato loving hubby ordered the “Tater Bowl” that consisted of jacket potatoes, kale, chilli beans, avocado, spring onions, red radish, crispy shallots! As well as a green smoothie, “Daily Green”, which has baby spinach, almonds, chia seeds, coconut milk, banana, dates and mint.

My not-so-healthy food-loving hubby enjoyed both the bowl and smoothie and very happy because he felt really good and energised after being nourished by the meal. He felt inspired to eat more healthy dishes like this more often and saying if there is a shop like this in the city, I would eat like that every day (which is definitely not true, but at least he can skip having burgers and chips for lunch sometimes).

Tater Bowl ($12) & Daily Green Smoothie ($11)

 I must admit, it is also hard for me to go to this kind of place all the time too. Yes, I am health-conscious person, but I love naughty foods more.. so I totally understand how hard it is for him to have a healthy lunch in the city every day where he can get naughty foods closeby. 

I told him Verd is in Barangaroo too so he can walk there, hopefully, he will visit there sometime and eat a healthy meal there!

I ordered the “Myoko Bowl”, Myoko is a typical Japanese name maybe that is why they named this Japanese inspired bowl that. 

 Myoko bowl came with brown rice, kale, Chinese cabbage, fresh tofu, cucumber, tamari almonds, red radish, carrot, spring onion, furikake and pickled ginger w/light miso sesame dressing!  

Since I love kimchi, I added extra kimchi. The kimchi here is not typical Korean one meaning it was not garlicky, so you don’t need to worry about your breath after eating this!

Myoko Bowl (and extra kimchi with sparkling water)- Love the fact that we were able to have free sparkling water!

They put a bit too much-pickled ginger for my liking (they contain food colouring and lots of sugar!). I will omit the pickled ginger the next time I order this bowl. 

 Since I am nearly 50 years old, I crave more Japanese food these days, so it is always great to have a Japanese inspired bowl! Furikake that contains nori (the Japanese seaweed) and miso dressing do a good job to make me content! 

If you like to nourish your body with goodness, I highly recommend this place! 

Definitely great to have this type of food after swimming in the sea, such an amazing feeling! 



Manly- 13 The Corso Manly (Enter on Market Lane)

Barangaroo- Shop 5, Scotch Row, Barangaroo South

Visit their website:




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