The Perfect Drink for a Mother

Being a Mother is one of the hardest jobs on Earth, don’t you agree?

They deserve all the best of the best for their health I reckon. And MATCHA GREEN TEA is one of which.

There are a number of reasons why Matcha Green Tea is definitely a must-have drink for Moms, including:

1. Energise!

Moms are very busy looking after kids as well as other multiple tasks. To be able to handle all the work, they definitely need ENERGY!

The fabulous news is that Matcha gives you long-lasting energy. matcha provides a sustainable energy boost without the rapid 30-minute spike, slump, and jitters associated with coffee! Plus coffee is very acidic while Matcha is alkalising. Matcha green tea has been my energy drink and can’t live without it now!

2. Relax and have a “Zen” state

Matcha is rich in Theanine and is known for its ability to increase alpha waves in the brain and promote calmness, giving matcha users a great “zen” state. All Moms need a little bit of a “zen” moment in between looking after kids and other work.

3. Concentration and clarity of mind

As Moms are juggling many tasks on a daily basis, they will need to stay focused to get things done. That’s exactly when Matcha can help! Matcha helps you stay focused more easily.

Theanine in Matcha creates alpha waves, which lead to a state of relaxed alertness. And while Theanine is common in all tea, matcha may contain up to five times more of this amino acid than common black and green teas.

As an additional benefit, Theanine may help improve your memory and learning ability while inhibiting any possible side-effects that caffeine, a natural component of green tea, may carry. That means a bowl of matcha promotes concentration and clarity of mind without any of the nervous energy found in coffee.

4. Strong bone!

Strong bones are essentially important for Moms, as they need to carry heavy bags and kids!

And you know what, Matcha is rich in vitamin K!

Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that works with calcium to build strong bones

People who have higher blood levels of vitamin K have higher bone density, while at the opposite end of the spectrum people with low blood levels of vitamin K are more likely to have osteoporosis.

5. Keep yourself young and beautiful, away from diseases

Moms are not just super busy women. I believe that all women have the desire to feel beautiful and look younger and of course, want to be healthy!

In taking care of Mom’s beauty and health, antioxidant in Matcha can be an amazing friend!

Antioxidants are the body’s defense agents. They are chemical compounds that prevent aging and chronic diseases. Basically, the more you have, the better equipped your body is in the fight against aging and disease

The fabulous news is matcha contains the highest antioxidant foods that I have ever known.


Only real matcha (yes, there is fake matcha available everywhere!) that are treated by real craftsmen have the best health and beauty benefits and gorgeous flavour.

So make sure you have good quality matcha for your health and beauty!

I myself used to struggle to find the best matcha and had to use bad or so so quality matcha until I found the one now. Now I am super confident!

I am so proud of the organic matcha which I finally found that I’d love to share with all of you!

So dear lovely Moms, are you ready for matcha green tea? Or if you are kind enough, gentlemen, are you ready to gift this Japanese elixir to the women of your life?

cookingschool japanesesuperfoods

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I hope you are inspired to have, or to try (if you haven’t) some matcha soon!


Yoshiko xx



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Happy Japanese superfoods cooking xx

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