Joie by Dozo – Singapore Vegetarian Eats

On my recent trip to Singapore, Ronan & I went to a Vegetarian restaurant for lunch and let me tell you, I was in food heaven! Joie by Dozo was the only restaurant we could go to during this trip, all the rest were at our hotel. I just needed a serious rest from working very hard from last December (with my Christmas campaign, the launch of my 30 day New Year Challenge online course) – it was definitely time for a break!

I’ve been eyeing this restaurant out for a while & I’m so glad we finally got to go for lunch! Joei by Dozo is a fusion of European and Japanese and European cooking, which is my absolute favourite combination!

We both really enjoyed the meal and the price was fantastic – we went for lunch as the price is far more affordable ($38.80 pp for lunch, as opposed to $68.80 pp for dinner).

We took a 6 course meal which consisted of a starter, side dish, cold dish, soup, main & dessert.



A passionfruit drink (With a hint of lime) to cleanse the palate


Carrot sashimi – this is the one thing I was most impressed with, it was an interesting texture & felt exactly like eating salmon sashimi

Seaweed cracker with wasabi mayonnaise

Raspberry capsule (a raspberry flavour that exploded when put into your mouth)


Side Dish 


Tempura Platter on Mash 

~Charcoal coated yam, eggplant, apple, banana with Japanese sesame dressing 

I am so used to eating black foods like black sesame desserts, as well as squid ink pasta and risotto, however Ronan was a bit scared by the look (As it was super black!)

For the Charcoal tempura, the butter was delicious & had a super light texture. Inside the banana was apple and eggplant as well! However, it was not too sweet at all and we loved it!



Bailing Mushroom on Paper Hot Pot 

~Slow braised bailing mushroom served on paper hot pot 

These are a great meat substitute & were seasoned super nicely!



Infusion of Cepes & Truffle 

~Cepes mushroom with white winter truffle oil and black truffles 

I wanted to choose this but Ronan picked it instead (we love to try a bit of everything!)… the taste was as I expected. A gorgeous rich truffle flavour. Loved it.




Japanese Kombu Broth with hand carved Tofu

~Double-boiled Japanese seaweed consume with hand-carved tofu 

I LOVED the strong Konbu broth (A Japanese stock base full of umami flavour). And just look at this delicate hand-carved tofu!


Main Dish 


Grill Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone

~Grilled monkey head mushroom on laval stone served with truffle mash potato

I fell in love with monkey head mushroom last time I was in Singapore (Read about it here!). Such a great flavour and the texture of the mushroom was amazing. It was served on a hot stone – great presentation and of course, it was suuuuper delicious.



Liquid Gnocci

~Liquid potato gnocchi with saute Japanese wild mushrooms, oven roasted cashew nuts

I’ve had quite a lot of vegan gnocchi, however this one is definitely my most favourite! The texture is et, like liquid & I LOVE truffle… a gorgeous texture and flavour combination. This was my most favourite dish of all Joie’s lunch menu!




Yoghurt Pudding 

It was nothing fancy looking, however it tasted amazing – Even though I don’t have dairy very often, I had to keep stealing this one from Ronan! YUM.



Layers of Red Bean & Yam with Rose Glass 

Looks gorgeous! Right? It was nice, but I liked the yoghurt pudding better.



Hawaiian Blue

~House mocktail of lychee and blueberry

It was SO blue… (and unhealthy looking), but it wasn’t too sweet, and was actually very refreshing.



Ice Mallow Apple Melody

~an invigorating blend of  mallow flowers, apple & guava juice

It was a bit sweet for me, but still tasty.


All I can say is, I would definitely recommend if you are ever in Singapore! A delicious and very reasonably priced vegetarian lunch that for all you foodies (& lovers of all things plant-based), will definitely enjoy!

Joie by Dozo

181 Orchard Road, 

#12-01 Orchard Central

Singapore 238896




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