BEST MEXICAN in this trip!

Not only yummy food but also love this shop’s Beautiful design 

I have been eating lots of Mexican food in USA because there are so many of them in USA  and it has been my life saver every time I visit USA.  It allows me to be vegan without hustle and one of my favourite cuisine. (Normally Chinese is the easiest option in other countries)

I ate a quite a few Mexican in this USA trip but this place is the best!

We are now in LA, staying Beverly Hills since my hubby thought it was a deal of the century… $700 for en suite room for two nights but it was an ouch moment… $700 was the price for one night.

So we found ourself in a gigantic room feeling a  pain and wondering where we can go… definitely we are not into Rodeo drive for fancy shopping ( I also went there 20 years ago for just a look ) but I found Westfield is near by so we walked there

There are lots of salad place or smoothie place. Mecca of health food here! Kale caesar seems big here but always come with chicken and egg, and just other “ bowls” seems to be too healthy… ( meaning boring) you know, lentil with greens or tofu with greens…

Then my hubby found good looking TOCAYA ORGANICA – MODERN ORGANIC MEXICAN

that has everything I love

Modern = something interesting, new

Organic = healthy

Mexican = my life saver to be plant based easily and one of my favourite cuisine

No wonder, I had the best Mexican experience here in this trip!

Tocaya offers salad, bowls, tacos and burritos with choice of protein and queso ( cheesy sauce)

Great thing about Tocaya is having vegan cheese options 🙂

My hubby is not vegan and has been eating lots of nasty staff order vegan burrito and really really enjoyed. he ordered THE FAJITA BURRITO  sautéed poblano peppers & onions in sweet chipotle, spanish rice, black beans, vegan chipotle crema, guacamole & pico de gallo, in a jalapeño tortillawith choice of whole meal tortilla, with vegan mozzarella for queso and vegan pucadillo for protain.


I ordered bowl called FAJITA DEL REY –  sautéed poblano peppers & onions, spanish rice, black beans, vegan chipotle crema, guacamole & pico de gallo and I choose the same protein and queso as my hubby. What I realised that we ordered exactly the same flavour when I had a bite of his burritos. damn, I guess I was too exited.


The portion is not American size, so it help us not to overeating. Tasty, healthy and exiting menu without giving up cheesy flavour … absolute winner! There are 5 Tocaya in California and seems like opening 6 shops soon !!

I wish there were Tocaya in Sydney,,,

We will definitely go back there to enjoy more interesting menu when we go to USA this November 🙂



12150 Millennium Dr #101, Los Angeles, CA 90094





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