Vegan Japanese dinner at Mominoki house, Shibuya Japan

Mominikoi House is a natural food restaurant that focuses all its dishes on using natural ingredients. They are completely organic, don’t use any refined white sugar, MSG free and use electronic ionized water – how amazing! Despite not being a 100% vegan restaurant, there was still a great variety of vegan items on the menu.


The chef at the restaurant is currently 73 years old and works five days a week! I think that the power of eating natural foods, especially ones that are organic, has worked wonders for the chef and given him lots of energy to power through his days! The restaurant also has such a nice home-ish feel to it, with its interior and fittings looking like the inside of a house.



When I checked out the restaurant’s website, I saw some pretty vegan sushi on the menu, which I thought about ordering. However, we changed our mind and decided to order something warm and cheeky… like some deep-fried food.


Vegan Sushi – ¥3,500 (credit to @mominokihouse_official)


They also had a vegan dinner special set of 4800 yen. It looked great! However, we decided to go for A la carte since it was quite late at night. My naughty, food-loving hubby insisted on ordering gyoza and spring rolls. They were nice; however, this choice was a mistake since both items used the same filling!


Gluten meat  6 pc gyoza – ¥ 1250 (left) & Gluten meat spring roll 2 pc –  ¥ 900 (right)


We ordered a brown rice set with a side of miso soup and pickles. It was a very home-style miso since there was lots of Chinese cabbage and also some shiitake! It was hardly anything like the miso soup that had nothing or a small amount of tofu and wakame.

Brown rice set (with miso soup and pickles) – ¥950


Next up was the tempura with seasonal vegetables. I know that people generally think that tempura isn’t so glamorous; however, these organic veggies were SO yummy! The pumpkin was extremely good and sweet!


Tempura with seasonal vegetables – ¥1800


Next up, we ordered the grilled brown rice ball and an eggplant with ginger sauce. The eggplant dish was available for a limited time only and was also recommended by the friendly staff. It tasted great and wasn’t too sweet like the typical “ syoga yaki “, which is fried with ginger sauce.


Grilled brown rice ball – ¥480 (left) & Eggplant with ginger sauce – ¥1500 (right)


Next, it was time for dessert! You can choose from several cake choices, such as orange, plum and apple. Since my hubby is an absolute apple lover, we chose an apple cake!



For those of you who are wondering if English menus are available at Mominoki House, the answer is… YES! So, there’s no need to worry; sit back, relax and order some yummy food!


English menu is available! – YAY!


Another great thing about Mominoki House is that they actually have an area where you can purchase healthy food and natural skin care products. It is absolutely great, and I highly recommend you check it out!


Organic food & skincare store at Mominoki House


Some of you may feel that the prices at Mominoki House are a bit pricey; however, please remember that they do use organic products, hence the price. They are also open during lunch (the menu looks great!) if you are looking for a cheaper option. If you want to eat healthy, nourishing Japanese foods and gain energy, here is the place to visit!


Mominoki House

Address: 2-18-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, 150-0001





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