Matcha online sales

Now you can purchase Premium organic matcha green tea sold only at Yoshiko’s cooking classes and events online!

I receive multiple  requests to sell my matcha green tea online. Many have told me it is very difficult to buy quality organic matcha green tea that tastes as great as mine. There are so many levels of quality matcha green tea sold in the market. The taste and its nutritional value between high and low quality matcha green tea are quite different . Even if you buy top grade matcha, you may still receive one of poor quality since Matcha is very sensitive to light and air. I see lots of oxidated matcha, which doesn’t have great health benefits nor refreshing flavour.

My matcha, on the other hand, is handled and stored properly to preserve the best quality possible.  Usually, greener and brighter matcha displays proper care and high quality. However, I must warn you that some matcha with brighter colours could contain artificial colouring.

Enjoy our organic matcha green tea containing vibrant colour, beautiful aroma and delicious taste!

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