Vegan tasting menu at Yellow Potts point

The award-winning Potts Point restaurant Yellow switched to an all-vegetarian menu this year.

This fabulous switch is happening more and more in Sydney like Gigi and Soul burger (they actually switched to vegan).

Yellow’s owners, Brent Savage and Nick Hildebrandt (who also run Bentley and Monopole), offer vegetarian and vegan options at all their restaurants. But now they decided to run an entire restaurant focused on vegetables! How courageous! So finally I have a chance to go there to try the vegan tasting menu. My friend and I decided to go there Friday night.

My vegetarian girl friend is avoiding to have shallot, leek, onion and garlic so I rang the restaurant in advance if they can accommodated her diet request and they said no problem! How fabulous! I ordered 5-course vegan tasting menu and my vegetarian friend ordered 5 vegetarian tasting menu without shallot, leek, onion and garlic. fullsizeoutput_b Housemade bread + Olive oil Bread has subtle fennel flavour, even though fennel is not my favourite herb it was delicious. Olive oil was very light and tasty.

I knew that this tasting menu will be fabulous at this stage fullsizeoutput_c Black rice cracker with radish and kelp garlic mayo Love this tiny yet heaven in my mouth.  I love kelp – konbu, the seaweed, it is natural msg with crunchy red radish and cracker.

Yummmm fullsizeoutput_3 Red pepper + black sesame cracker Since my friend can’t have garlic, she gets this cracker.

They are actually very big ( compare to my elegant black rice cracker ).

yum yum fullsizeoutput_7 Fennel + almond+ Broad beans Look at this good looking dish very refreshing fennel and apple salad with very rich almond hummus like paste and lovely broad bean sauce.

Great combination fullsizeoutput_9 Kohlrabi + Enoki mushroom + vegetable broth This dish is not only very pretty but also super tasty! I think this is my most favourite dish. The vegetable broth has Asian flavour. Mine has shimeji mushroom instead of enoki.  (Basically, chef has to cook the mushroom separately for non- garlic friend so I got the same mushroom as my friend)

Sour flavour comes from fermented kohlrabi juice which reminds me of Umeboshi flavour ( I am wondering if kohlrabi is fermented with umeboshi or Ume zu.

Japanese plum juice, umezu has beautiful pink colour…. and I can see lots of Japanese ingredients in the menu so I think kohlrabi must be fermented with ume-zu or umeboshi ..) and Asian broth make this dish amazing. img_8692 Chargrilled Asparagus + sesame + black garlic I love chargrilled Asparagus.

Once you chargrill or cook under grill, you can’t go back to steamed asparagus.  It makes a huge difference and the chef knows about it! Fabulous juicy and flavourful asparagus with creamy tahini, the winner fullsizeoutput_1 Cauliflower + Tamarind + cabbage this dish is full of surprise flavour inside.

Cauliflower with a bit of sweetness comes from beetroot sauce inside and sour from tamarind sauce.

Also, I can feel the heat from the chilly.  All flavour is in harmony! I should have taken the photo when I open this guy, it was very pretty because of the pink come from beetroot sauce.

It also comes with tomato salad ( very fresh and sweet) with green tomato sauce with konbu (kelp) garlic mayo img_8702 Raspberry sorbet + chocolate + Blood orange with linseed crisp Linseed crisp was bit bitter and I also don’t like to consume cooked linseeds since linseeds get oxidate once it is cooked, so I wasn’t a big fan of linseed part but sorbet was very nice with the harmony of chocolate and blood orange.

This was 5 tasting menu but there are a few extra dishes. I was totally full.  I don’t think you will feel hungry ( some people feel that way when they go to fancy tasting course) It worth going.  I highly recommend this restaurant I would love to go back to try another tasting menu! Such a quality meal without mock meats.



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