Fabulous benefits of Fermentation!

Do you often experience fatigue and muscle pain but can’t find a healthy longterm solution? Rid your body of toxins by having more fermented superfoods and drinks to boost gut health and strengthen your immune system! Welcome to my fermented food pantry! fermented-kitchen At the front is my delicious homemade plum syrup & pickled plum and the big juice dispensers at the back contain refreshing kombucha.

All of them give you a lot of precious nutrients,  vitamins and minerals including probiotics! Probiotics can help you treat digestive issues,  and strengthen our immune system, giving you better health and a healthy mental state, since 80% of your immune system is located in the digestive tract. You can simply buy fermented foods like kimchi,  miso, umeboshi, sourkraut and drinks like kombucya…or make some at home like me! Thanks to my fermented babies working very hard to produce numerous nutrients,

I have amazing fresh probiotics and enzymes everyday. Why don’t you start adding more fermented foods in your diet for a healthy gut and immune system?

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