Easy Matcha face pack for Anti-Aging

This is a simple DIY matcha face pack that provides you with anti ageing, even skin tone and  My Japanese friend, Ikuko, who runs a natural cosmetic company taught me this easy face mask!

She is only a few months older than me but she doesn’t look like she’s nearly 50 at all and has such beautiful skin (I’ve never met anyone who has more beautiful skin than her in Sydney). She loves to use my matcha for both drinking and skin treatments!  And I love this super easy facial pack  so much — I can see great results immediately.

matcha facial mask

All you need is organic matcha, flour and water!

Make sure to use organic ceremonial grade matcha





  • 1 teaspoon of organic premium ceremonial grade matcha
  • 3 teaspoons of organic white flour
  • Filtered water


  1. Place 1 teaspoon of matcha and 3 teaspoons of flour in a small bowl and mix well.
  2. Add water little by little and mix, until the texture of the mixture is syrupy, resembling tomato sauce.
  3. Apply the mixture onto your clean face and neck, avoiding the sensitive eye and lip area.
  4. Leave it on for about 10 minutes or when it dries into a lighter shade of green (don’t wait until it completely dries down).
  5. Rinse off with warm water
Any skincare product, including natural ingredients, has the potential to irritate. Please conduct a proper patch test before applying the mask to your face to avoid the risk of allergies and irritations.

matcha pack video

If you wanna know the pack’s consistency, please check out my instagram post



Use only fresh ceremonial grade organic matcha

We don’t want to put pesticides onto our faces so please choose organic matcha that is not laced with any harmful chemicals.
  • Only use bright green coloured matcha. If your matcha looks yellowish, that means it’s oxidised. There is no point using oxidised old matcha – we are here to get a high antioxidant effect for younger-looking skin.
  • Only use ceremonial grade matcha – cooking matcha contains colouring which is not good for your skin

Use only white flour or spelt flour

  • Wholemeal flour is too harsh to your skin! This mask is intended to give your skin a gentle exfoliation.

ONLY twice a week MAX (I think once a week is pretty sufficient!)

  • If you get so obsessed with the AMAZING results and decide to do it way too often to chase the high like what I did, you’ll end up having dull skin! My friend, Ikuko,  knows me very well. She checked in to see if was I doing more than twice a week after I raved about the effects to her and she told me it’s not a very good idea.

Preferably done in the morning if you are sensitive to caffeine.

  • One time, I did at night and I could not sleep afterwards. Although I am not 100% sure if the matcha pack caused my insomnia, there is a chance that this was the case; our bodies can absorb caffeine through our skin. I normally don’t take caffeine after 3 pm so if you are like me, do the face pack before 3 pm.

Make sure to nourish and moisturise your face with quality moisturiser after the pack!

  • This face pack provides a gentle exfoliation to your skin so it is always great to nourish your skin with quality chemical-free moisturiser afterwards! I am using THIS moisturiser that Ikuko makes and I am enjoying it very much.


Matcha is not only great for anti agin effect but also has the ability to remove toxins from the skin!  



If you are intolerant to gluten, but not a vegan, use plain yogurt instead (You won’t need filtered water this way!).

Although lockdowns and restrictions have brought us many inconveniences, we have found ourselves with more time to focus on ourselves. And of course, self-care. Always remember that you deserve to take a moment and nourish yourself!



Simply buy my matcha! I am so proud of its quality and it is not only first flush matcha, but also a premium ceremonial grade quality, organic and product of Japan!

Matcha is considered as one of the highest antioxidant foods with many health and beauty benefits. So, for those that had a bad experience, why don’t you give matcha another try?

The key is to find QUALITY matcha.

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