Yoshiko believes that cooking is one of the most important and useful skills to have in our life. Cooking with Yoshiko is all about eating for a better lifestyle and the benefits of creating easy and nutritious meals for your overall wellbeing. Find out about the different ways you can learn from Yoshiko’s almost 20 years of experience and get to know her background from working with traditional Japanese cuisine to a healthy catering company in Sydney. Read through written Testimonials about her classes and her two internationally published books. It’s no surprise she’s been able to form strong Partnerships with businesses that share her vision.

Cooking With Yoshiko

Master one of the most important life skills – to cook and eat well. Imagine you are feeling absolutely satisfied … Read More

About Yoshiko

Yoshiko is an expert teacher of healthy vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cooking as well as both traditional and modern Japanese … Read More


If you needed any more convincing that Cooking with Yoshiko has something for you, read some of our reviews. Check … Read More


Yoshiko has formed partnerships with the following brands. Read More

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