Boost Your Immunity With Japanese Superfoods Cooking Class Weekend Combo


Spend just one weekend immersing yourself with ancient wisdom of Japanese superfood cooking to boost your immunity and improve your overall health 




This week only : Boost Your Immunity With Japanese Superfoods Cooking Class Weekend Combo

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DAY 2 (SUNDAY 1PM – 3:30PM)



  • This intensive workshop combines 2 classes for immune system: A HEALTHY GUT WITH JAPANESE SUPERFOODS and JAPANESE SUPERFOODS AS MEDICINE
  •  A healthy gut is the key to have a strong immune system
    Japanese superfoods such as WAKAME and KONNYAKU are super gut friendly – powerful gut cleanser + increase good bacteria in your gut
  •  Japanese Superfoods such as umeboshi, kuzu and many more been used as medicine for natural healing since ancient time through to modern days
  •  Japanese Superfoods like Shiitake (quality one only) is used as a cancer fighter, an immune booster and a powerful cholesterol-lowering foods in Japan and the US.
  •  Using Japanese superfoods in your meal can help to ward off diseases so you can live a longer, healthier and happier life!

Follow detailed demonstrations by celebrated chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, who has had over twenty years experience and has frequented some of Sydney’s top kitchens, authored two cook books and worked on shows like The Biggest Loser.



Incorporating Japanese superfoods into your daily diet is SUPER EASY yet TASTY and you can totally purchase the ingredients in good quality right in Australia!




  • Make super easy fermented rice salt – salt koji! 5 mins to prepare
  • Asian warm Wakame (seaweed) and Salad with Shio Koji Dressing
  • Roasted pumpkin and spinach salad with Shio Koji Lemon Dressing
  • Sweet amazake Miso Sauce with grilled eggplant, Konnyaku and tofu
  • Konnyaku with Tangy Sweet Miso dressing(sumiso)
  • Veggies with Miso Mayonnaise
  • Creamy Vegan Carbonara Konnyaku Spaghetti
Japanese_Cooking_Class_Healthy-Gut-with-Superfoods2 Japanese_Cooking_Class_Healthy-Gut-with-Superfoods1 Japanese_Cooking_Class_Healthy-Gut-with-Superfoods3



  • Make super easy tasty flu medicine – Kuzu apple in two ways using juice or actual apple
  • Umeboshi concoction for heal your flu, ingestion and stomach upset
  • Super detox and healing soup made with Japanese dashi, daikon, kuzu, shiitake and ginger.
  • Cauliflower and shiitake fried rice in two ways – one cooked with wok and another in the oven.
  • Amazake pudding with raw kiwi sauce – super nutritious and healing sweets that you can have when you are sick or improve your gut health
Japanese_Cooking_Class_Superfoods-as-Medicine3 Japanese_Cooking_Class_Superfoods-as-Medicine2 Japanese_Cooking_Class_Superfoods-as-Medicine1

This week only : Boost Your Immunity With Japanese Superfoods Cooking Class Weekend Combo

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IT’S ONLY $280!
For only $280, you get a 5 hour hands-on workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Japanese home-cooking including essential Japanese seasonings, cooking techniques, a variety of yummy Japanese recipes and ingredients that boost your gut health and your immune system! We only use top quality Japanese ingredients under traditional production methods to make sure the food has the best taste as well as health benefits.



  • Taught by Chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, over 20 years of experience in teaching, author of 3 international cookbooks and renowned for cooking in some of Sydney’s top kitchens and work on The Biggest Loser
  • Learn through detailed demonstration from the teacher PLUS hands-on practice
  • No washing required, unlike most cooking classes – all you do is learn, cook, eat and have fun!
  • Enjoy freshly made healthy Japanese foods that are easy to replicate at home!
  • Learn and try Japanese superfoods – the secrets of Japanese health, longevity and immune boosting that you don’t know much about!
  • It is plant-based (Cholesterol free) dairy and gluten free
  • Once you learn the basics of Japanese superfoods, it’s easy to add other ingredients you love!
  • Take home recipes to impress your friends and family at home!
  • Let’s heal ourselves while we eat! Join us in maintaining optimal health with Japanese superfoods and macrobiotic eating!


This week only : Boost Your Immunity With Japanese Superfoods Cooking Class Weekend Combo

Select Number of Participants or class


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