Vegan Japanese style breakfast at Tokyo Athlete Syokudou, Kanda

Tokyo Athlete Syokudou is definitely one of my most favourite vegan dining place in Japan.  

Syokudon means Canteen in Japanese. It is a franchised restaurant and I went to Kanda branch which is the first restaurant that was opened.  

 Tokyo Athlete Syokudou, Kanda branch – very close to Imperial Palace!  

Tokyo Athlete Syokudou offers unique set menu system which is; Rice + Soup + 3 dishes ( pick from A, B, C section ) for only 1000 yen ( wow! )  that makes the meal very balanced and nourishing. For rice, there are two choices, one is white rice and another is original blended rice – added quinoa, rolled barley and other grains. I picked blended rice for blended rice which is healthier! Miso soup seems to be vegan all the time.  Aburaage which is deep fried tofu and mizuna miso soup on that day. 


 Pick the dish from A, B, C to make a balanced meal  – there were 9 vegan dishes available which I just realized by looking at this photo!  Damn! There’s a clear sign that shows it is a ‘Plant Based’ menu! 

‘A’ dish is “ protein rich” main dish.  There is only one vegan choice which is the “foil pack steamed vegetables with earth meat “ I thought… mmm… it is too healthy ( I want to be healthy but I don’t like too healthy food like steamed veggies )  

But surprisingly?! It was yummy, I think it was thanks to vegan mayo, which added the rich creamy flavour to the steamed veggie which can be boring and earth meat did good job too. In the end, it was very yummy and was probably  my most favourite dish in my set  

‘B’ dish is “seasonal vegetable dish”  

 I thought there was zero vegan B dish from outside menu board but after ordering, I realised there was one, which is steamed green leafy veggie with sesame sauce.  

I am super delighted that I could order one!  



I was looking at this menu from outside, and vegan dish cards from ‘B’ had fallen so I didn’t realise there were more vegan dishes. So I highly recommend to look the menu inside to know the full choice!  

Steamed leafy veggie with sesame sauce from B dish 

‘C’ dish is a side dish that is good for your body  

There were three vegan dishes – and of course I ordered them all!  

  • Daikon and deep fried tofu with miso sauce  
  • Simmered Hijiki ( Hijiki, the Japanesse seaweed + carrot, soybeans, vegan meat and sesame ) 
  • Nameko Natto – Neba neba ( sticky ) dish! – mix of fermented soybeans + nameko mushroom which are very sticky and slimy but really good for you  

My personalized dish! I added extra two C dishes so it was 1480 yen  

** pay extra 240 yen when you add extra dish from C  

While I am writing this right now , I discovered another side option area which are ALL VEGAN!  

Which are:

  • Steamed cabbage 150 yen  
  • Shredded cabbage 150 yen  
  • Home made tofu 150 yen  

I would have ordered home made tofu, damn. Well, I will definitely go back here the next time I come to Tokyo. Next time, I will be expert creating my own set menu plus I need to try soy meat set menu which I could not try this time  


ZERO MEAT (soy meat)  set menu – I would love to try next time  

This place is very close to Tokyo Imperial Palace  

You can also visit adjacent Imperial Palace East Gardens, which have been open to the public. ( please note that gardens are only open on weekends ) Both are free!  


Tokyo Athlete syokudou, Kanda is very close to Imperial Palace! Perfect to have meal after or before sightseeing! Or even after running around the imperial palace which quite a few people are doing  

 The food is well balanced, healthy ( dieticians are making their menu)  yummy and cheap. Absolutely value for money!  

You can go here for breakkie, lunch or dinner because opening hours are long.  Don’t worry, there is an English menu  

I highly recommend to this place.  


Tokyo athlete Syokudou, Kanda  

3 Chome-21 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0054, Japan 



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