Tips to Boost your Immune System this Winter with Matcha

Did you know that Matcha green tea can help boost your immune system as it strengthens your body’s first line of defence and supports healthy living?

Matcha green tea is a natural and vegan drink beneficial for everyone!

This plant leaf is known to have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory characteristics, that is packed with high antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients.

Keep reading to learn more about how it can help defend your body against flu-like diseases and reduce inflammation.

Don’t want to be sick this cold Winter? Give Matcha a try as an Immune System Booster! 

What are Matcha’s beneficial properties for strengthening the immune system?

  • Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a catechin that promotes the production of T-cells, which fights against pathogens, virus infections and minimises inflammation.
  • Matcha contains 10 times as many antioxidants as regularly brewed green tea, and it can help eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria while promoting the health of your gut.
  • Rich in chlorophyll, which helps enhance your liver conditions and promotes detoxification by eliminating the secretion of toxins and heavy metals. You can read more about detoxing with matcha in my previous blog HERE!
  • Contains L-theanine and vitamin C, which are great immune system boosters that encourage the production of white blood cells and can enhance your skin’s barriers.

All of Matcha’s health benefits are packed into one cup! It is really important for us more than ever this winter! 

Matcha is HIGHER in EGCG than Sencha!

In a Japanese magazine article, doctors claimed Sencha (Japanese green tea) as the ‘most effective beverage for the immune system’.

Sencha contains a polyphenol called catechins (namely EGCG), which helps boost the immune system by building immunity against bacteria and flu-like diseases.

However, results have shown that Matcha green tea has 137 times more EGCG than Sencha (Japanese green tea), which makes it the superior option for boosting your immune system. This is because when drinking Matcha, you consume the entire leaf, packed with more nutrients than loose green tea. So, why not give this a try this winter to achieve a healthier lifestyle!

How to effectively ABSORB EGCG as an immune system booster?

If you are not correctly preparing matcha, you are not absorbing and taking complete advantage of Matcha’s powerful EGCG properties!

Many people don’t know that EGCG is very sensitive to heat, where it can go bad and acquire a fishy taste.

It is key to prepare Matcha below 80°C to keep its beautiful, refreshing flavour and avoid destroying catechins for a stronger immune system!

When you make your cup of Matcha, make sure not to just add hot boiling water – It will not only destroy the health benefits but also ruin the taste.

Heat vs Matcha

On another note, using matcha in your cooking or baking, causes the chlorophyll (Matcha’s green pigment) to fade as it is very sensitive to heat. This is because the magnesium in the molecule will come off and the colour will fade, becoming brown pheophytin, turning matcha’s bright colour into a dark-yellowish colour. In this case, most baked Matcha goods contain green food colouring to mimic Matcha’s natural colour.

 You won’t get the maximum health benefits from matcha baked goods as the heat destroys the EGCG properties and causes the chlorophyll to fade! Do not be fooled by the bright green colour – it is from green food colouring!


Heat causes Matcha’s…

  • Beneficial EGCG properties to be destroyed!
  • Modifies the taste!
  • Chlorophyll to fade!

So make sure not to heat Matcha over 80C to receive the maximum immune-boosting results and enjoy the refreshing taste!


Simply buy my matcha! I am so proud of its quality and it is not only first flush matcha, but also a premium ceremonial grade quality, organic and product of Japan!

The key is to find QUALITY matcha for HIGHER antioxidant and EGCG content!

Matcha is significantly high in antioxidants with many health and beauty benefits. Give Matcha a try this winter to protect against bacteria and achieve excellent gut health for a stronger immune system!



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