Thank you, your payment has been confirmed! We will dispatch your Matcha shortly! Due to COVID-19, shipping time is longer than usual. And Australian post announced that the workload has been increased and takes even longer time to deliver. So please expect to receive even longer than that. So please be patient to receive the matcha but it worth a wait since I am so proud of the quality of my matcha! Matcha is sensitive to Air Light High Temperature I highly recommend to store it IN THE FREEZER ( most Japanese people store matcha in their pantry but when I did serious research about matcha for my Japanese superfoods cookbook, I discovered storing in the freezer is the BEST!) and follow my youtube video to make perfect matcha ! Even you have the highest quality matcha, make it in a wrong way, taste will be bad (eg, using hot boiling water) Please check out super easy way to make matcha without tea set Thank you very much for your order Enjoy matcha !

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