NO BONES RESTAURANT – My favourite vegan dining at Byron Bay

During our 10 days stay at Byron Bay, we (my hubby and I) visited several vegan restaurants and cafes. I was very delighted that there were so many vegan dining options at Byron Bay. But out of all the restaurants and cafes I have tried on this trip, the No Bones restaurant was my most favourite! I can say that this restaurant is probably on my top 5 list of best restaurants in Australia.

There were several vegan cafes and restaurants that are run by vegan enthusiasts not chefs. So, the quality of the foods at these cafes and restaurants are usually not of a high standard. However, the food at the No Bones restaurant are at the chef level! They had a very interesting menu and the food was super tasty.

I’m very glad that we had chosen to visit this place!

For entrée, we ordered two starter dishes – the ‘Truffle, Cashew Parmesan French Fries’ and the ‘Konnyaku Calamari Strips with Caper and Dill Mayo’.

Truffle French Fries – $12

(truffle, cashew, parmesan french fries)

Both the French Fries and the Konnyaku Strips came with the vegan garlic mayo, which was very nice. I loved this sauce so much that I could drink it alone! However, the reality was, we couldn’t finish the sauce. And, I wish we had ordered bread or other dishes to finish these mayo completely. It was delectable!

Konjac Calamari Strips – $15

(konjac calamari strips with capers and dill mayo)

My hubby and I just became a pig from eating both deep fried dishes as a starter. But, no regrets as it was scrumptious!

For mains, I ordered the Panko Portobello Mushroom and this dish was my absolute favourite.

The vegan blue cheese sauce in this dish tasted like ordinary blue cheese, which used to be my favourite. And the gravy sauce was very tasty.

Just like the two entrée dishes, the sauce for the Panko Portobello Mushroom was delicious overall. There were also a lot of sauce on the dish, and I wish I had ordered some bread to finish this fabulous sauce off.

Panko Portobello Mushroom – $29

(panko portobello mushroom, blue cheese, garlic mash pear gravy, baby carrot, burnt onion, leaves)

My hubby ordered the Creamy Field Mushroom Pasta, and this was another tasty dish. The pasta had a beautiful truffle flavour and the sauce on this plate was also very rich and creamy. Again, I wanted to wipe this sauce with some bread.

The only downside of these meals was that the portion was quite small. You definitely need to order some entrees or sides with the mains to fill you up. But despite this, I think all the dishes we ordered were amazing!

Creamy Field Mushroom Pasta – $29

(Creamy field mushroom pasta, truffle, house cashew parmesan, enoki mushroom, crispy sage)

For desserts, we ordered the Decomposed Pumpkin Pie.

And like the previous dishes, this dessert was also gorgeous! The Decomposed Pumpkin Pie was full of flavours and not too sweet – I loved it!

When taking a spoonful of the dessert, I felt like I was having a creamy pumpkin gingerbread liquid. It doesn’t sound appetising right? But this dish was fabulous!

Decomposed Pumpkin Pie

As I said from the beginning, No Bones restaurant was my MOST FAVOURITE restaurant in Byron Bay and I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who appreciates high quality, tasty vegan meals or is looking for a quality restaurant to celebrate the special occasion.

At No Bones, some dishes on the menu do change according to the season. For example, the panko mushroom (which I love soo much), the mushroom pasta and the decomposed pumpkin pie are no longer available, as the restaurant had recently changed the menu.

It is great that the chefs there are making the main dishes using the seasonal vegetables. Yum! But, I wish they were open for lunch as I’m trying not to eat a big dinner. If they were open for lunch, I would order three entrees, two mains and two desserts, and even extra bread to wipe all the sauces!

The food was really good that I would order more!!

So, if you are at Byron Bay and are looking for a nice vegan restaurant, give No Bones a visit.

Happy dining!



Address: 11 Fletcher St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Visit their website:



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