Natto Toast- Recipe for Natto Virgins!

Natto is a Japanese superfood that has recently exploded in sales in Japan! Why? It is super great for the immune system and for your gut health! But what can we use it in?

In my last post about natto, I shared with you the fabulous benefits of it and what you can use in replacement of it.

Natto can be daunting if you have not grown up eating it because of its distinct aroma, texture and taste. Even some Japanese people don’t like it! In Japan, natto is typically eaten as a breakfast food. But in this post I will share some yummy ways you can eat natto at home!

Introducing… NATTO TOAST! 

Natto makes your toast very filling and substantial meal! You can eat this natto mixture as it is without toast or put on cooked pasta or salad. Some say natto ice cream is a great way. I’ve tried natto icecream before and it is similar to Turkish ice cream texture but I didn’t like the taste… 

Natto toast on the other hand tastes great and can be enjoyed many ways! Here are my top four: Natto avocado tomato, natto with cheese, natto with tomato and natto with avocado!

Natto Toast!

The traditional way of eating natto is seasoned with soy based sauce or soy sauce (sometimes also with raw egg) and eaten with rice- but this might not sound that appetising to a non-Japanese person.

Seasoning natto with salt is definitely easier for a Western palate. It makes toast a substantial protein rich meal!










Natto Avocado Tomato Toast

Serves 1   


  • ½  pack Natto 
  • 1 bread slice 
  • ½ large tomato 
  • ¼ large avocado 
  • ¼ tsp sea salt 
  • 1 tsp chopped red onion 


  1. Mix the natto well until it becomes sticky. 
  2. Dice tomato and avocado. 
  3. Mix together the natto, tomato, avocado, red onion and sea salt in a small bowl. 
  4. Spread the mixture on warm toast. 

Note: Natto should be well-mixed before mixing with other ingredients to increase the umami flavour.  If your new to natto, you may want to start from about ¼ pack of natto, and then gradually increase the serving sizes. 









Natto Cheese Toast 

Serves 1 


  • ½ pack natto  
  • 1 bread slice 
  • 1 dairy free cheese slice  


  1. Mix the natto well until it becomes sticky. 
  2. Spread natto over bread. 
  3. Put a slice of cheese on top of natto. 
  4. Place natto cheese under a hot grill for 1 to 2 minutes until cheese is melted.  

Natto’s distinct aroma will diminish when cooked so it may be better to start by making a cheese natto toast! (even though eating as is, is the best way to maximise on the health benefits of natto)










Avocado Natto

 Serves 1 


  • ½ pack Natto 
  • 1 bread slice 
  • ¼ large avocado


  1. Mix the natto well until it becomes sticky. 
  2. Mash the avocado and spread it on a warm toast, put natto on top and season with sea salt. 
  3. Alternatively, you can cut avocado into cubes and mix with natto, then put the mixture on a warm toast. Seasoned with sea salt. (This might be easier for ‘natto beginners’)  










Tomato Natto  

Serves 1 


  • 1/2 pack natto 
  • 1 bread slice 
  • 1/2 tomato 
  • 1/4tsp salt 


  1. Put the natto in a bowl and stir to activate. 
  2. Dice the tomato and mix in with the natto along with the salt. 
  3. Spread mixture onto warm toast. 


Would you be keen to taste natto if it looked this good? It’s super cheap and is SO good for you!! Even outside of Japan one pack is less than $1.5 (normally come with 3 to 4 packs inside) and can be bought in Asian grocery stores in the freezer section!

Be open minded! Natta is an amazing Japanese superfood!

Happy cooking!!


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