Matcha the Healthy Long-Lasting Energy Booster That’s Better than Coffee!

Do you want something to give you a great energy boost throughout your day without the jitters and shakes coffee gives you? Try switching from coffee to matchaHere’s why: 


Healthy Caffeine it’s an Ideal Energy Booster!

Caffeine in matcha is a healthy form of caffeine with a structural and functional difference from caffeine that’s found in coffee, giving a longer and sustainable energy boost without side effects that are often caused by coffee caffeine (e.g. headache, jitter), as you can see in the picture below.

 Caffeine often causes spike in the level of insulin and the stress hormone cortisol, and increases blood sugar level. However, these side effects can be prevented due to the slow release of matcha caffeine into the blood stream as it is assimilated and absorbed very slowly. This helps to maintain a healthy hormone balance, support the adrenal system and as a result it’s less likely to raise cortisol?levels too high. A high level of cortisol can lead to lower immune function. 


Comparing Coffee vs Matcha – Pros and Cons  


Caffeine from Coffee is VERY ACIDIC 

Normally causes: 

  • Spikes in insulin level  
  • Increased blood sugar level 
  • Increased stress hormones 

 Matcha is ALKALIC  


  • Longer lasting energy 
  • No negative side effects like shakes or jitters!! 


What are acidic and alkaline food and drinks and why does this matter? 

When learning how to eat healthy and generate a long-lasting energy boost it is important to remember to EAT alkaline foods and LIMIT acidic foods. Why you ask? Well, If the pH of our blood drops below 7.0, and into the acidic zone we die!  


Acidic foods  

When we have acidic foods our body produces fat cells that carry acids away from our blood and vital organs some common acidic foods are: 

Stress can make us acidic and exercise too!  

A diet that includes too many acid-producing foods can cause acidity in your urine and other negative health effects so it’s best to stay away! 


Alkaline foods 

Alkalising forming foods include green veggies, lemon, almonds, carrots, soy, matcha (of course) and more! 

In our diets we need plenty of alkalising foods to be healthy and to maintain a healthy weight. This is because viruses, fat cells, cancer cells, inflammation all thrive in an acidic environment while alkaline diets can help you slim down your body and keep you disease free! 


So are you ready to switch to alkaline foods and drink to improve your overall health and beauty? One easy step is to start drinking matcha for that long-lasting healthy boost of energy instead of your regular coffee. 

Unfortunately, poor quality matcha is everywhere these days so when searching for good quality matcha look for organic, ceremonial grade, first flush and stone ground matcha green tea – which is the best for its taste and health benefits 

If you don’t want to take the chance of getting poor quality matcha, you can get your hands on my handpicked matcha green tea HERE.  

Hope this switch away from coffee to matcha helps you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! 


Matcha love, 


Yoshiko XX 



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