MATCHA LOVERS HIGHT TEA – Special offer 2 tickets

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Matcha lovers high tea CLASS COMBO – LIMITED OFFER



Get discounted price by bringing a friend to Matcha lover’s high tea or making your own bundle by choosing Matcha lover’s high tea class plus 1 more class of your choosing ( We have various Japanese superfoods cooking classes such as sushi, Ramen, Japanese basic 1, weight loss class and more!)

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  • Matcha coconut fudge – easy and healthy treat that gives you energy! 
  • Matcha Blacmange – extra smooth matcha dessert
  • Two-colour Mochi ball with Yuzu & Matcha An-paste – traditional Japanese dessert Dango with specialised an-paste 
  • Cold Soba with Matcha Broth – What is the matcha broth? You will know it how it has amazing flavour!
  • Matcha Popcorn – You will be excited for making popcorn and matcha salt 
  • Yuzu Matcha Mocktail – This is our favourite drink! Super refreshing drink 
  • Organic Matcha green tea and Alkaline mineral water



  • Taught by Chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, 20 years of experience in teaching, international author of two cookbooks and renowned for cooking in some of Sydney’s top kitchens and work on The Biggest Loser
  • Learn through detailed demonstration from the teacher PLUS hands-on practice
  • Learn how to choose BEST matcha for your health and beauty
  • Learn what to do and what NOT to do to MAXIMISE the power of Matcha green tea ( there are many ways you can destroy matcha’s goodness and most people fall into that trap! )
  • Learn how to make yummy sugar & dairy -free sweets, snack, drink and savoury dish
  • Learn and try Japanese superfoods – the secrets of Japanese health and weight loss that you don’t know much about!
  • It is plant based (Cholesterol free) – also help to lower cholesterol!
  • No washing required, unlike most cooking classes – all you do is learn, cook, eat and have fun!
  • Take home recipes to impress your friends and family at home



  • I was very impressed by all aspects of the day & Yoshiko’s personality & patience. Was a lot of fun & the food was delicious. – SUSANNE TURNER
  • Thank you for this fantastic experience. I’ve loved it! You are great + have such a good knowledge of food. – MELANIE
  • Was really fun + great learning experience. Lots of nutritional information as well as techniques in Japanese cooking. Looking forward to cooking all the wonderful recipes at home. – SARAH FALCONBRIDGE

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