Let’s have a Healthy Liver with Matcha Green Tea!

The Liver is a large organ and one of the most vital organs in the body.  

But in the past few years, there has been a rise in liver-related ailments. But, research has shown that Matcha green tea may be helpful for your liver health!  

Having a healthy liver is very important. So, Let’s keep your liver in top condition with this Japanese Superfood.

What is the Liver’s Function? 

It removes toxins from the body’s blood supply, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, regulates blood clotting, and performs hundreds of other vital functions. 

Our liver also plays an important role in weight management, where bile breaks down the extra calories in the liver. Thus, when your liver is lean and healthy, it metabolises better, and the food you eat will be quickly burned off! 

Do you know Fatty Liver Disease?  

The Fatty Liver Disease has become a global health issue. With the high prevalence of risk factors such as obesity and Type-2 diabetes, fatty liver disease is forecasted to afflict more than 100 million people by 2030. 

Research shows that 90% of obese, 60% of diabetic, and up to 20% of normal-weight people can develop it. This statistic not only accounts for alcohol-related fatty liver disease, but especially non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

How can Green Tea help Fatty Liver Disease?

Previously, studies have shown that green tea has a certain degree of both preventive and therapeutic effects on liver disease.

Green tea attains high-density catechins, which improves liver function and fat infiltration in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patients. 

 However,  a recent study in 2020 discovered that green tea can help in the regulation of lipid metabolism, which reduces the accumulation of lipids in the liver. 

This study also found that a combination of green tea extract and exercise reduced the severity of obesity-related fatty liver disease by 75% in mice fed on a high-fat diet.  


Risks of Green Tea Extract

We all know that just because something is good in one amount, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better. Some vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants exhibit toxicity if taken excessively. 

  • A case study by the United States Pharmacopeia found that excessive amounts of green tea’s extract could cause hepatotoxicity (drug-induced liver damage).  
  • When EGCG is taken in excessive amounts, it can be associated with liver damage, liver and kidney failure, anemia, and dizziness. These cases are mainly associated with green tea extracts (concentrates). 
  • Although we do have enough evidence to show that EGCG can cause liver damage in amounts greater than 800mg/day (adults). For comparison, a typical cup of green tea contains 40-80mg, and a typical cup of matcha contains 100-220 mg, so don’t worry unless you’re drinking litres of this stuff!  

Therefore, we should be consuming green tea in moderation. Drinking green tea certainly shows strong evidence of promoting liver health, however, taking it in supplement form should be avoided altogether.  


Let’s take Matcha for Safe and Powerful Results!   

Matcha has more EGCG, the powerful catechin, than regular green tea, and is not too extreme like tea extract. 


As I always say, have 2 tsp of Matcha green tea to get the health and beauty benefits, and have no more than 3 tsp of Matcha green tea a day.   


Use Quality Ceremonial Organic Matcha! 

Let’s have Matcha green tea regularly ( up to 3 tsp per day ) along with exercise to avoid Fatty Liver Disease and have a Healthy Liver!

But remember, not all matcha is the same! Choosing the right Matcha is key to absorbing all of its amazing health benefits.

The right Matcha is…

  • Ceremonial Grade
  • Organic
  • Japanese Grown
  • Stone Ground
  • Uses First Flush Matcha Green Tea Leaves
  • Acquires a Refreshing Taste


Simply buy my matcha! I am so proud of its quality and it has all of the above qualities! 




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