Health Nuts – my favourite vegan cafe in Sydney?

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan cafes in Sydney popping up all the time. Health Nuts cafe in Sydney has been around since 2016 and I’ve only just tried it recently. Shocking!

As soon as I got to the cafe in Potts Point, seeing the entrance and reading “no refined sugar, dairy and plant-based” made me super happy. As a health nut myself, it looked like a-bit-of-me.

Health Nuts EntranceHealth Nuts Entrance


Health Nuts is a mixture of a health food store and cafe. Upstairs is the cafe, with a light food menu and store (you can order downstairs though too). Downstairs there’s a much bigger shopping area, complete with a wide range of foods and there’s a lovely array of both pre-made foods and made-to-order foods available.


Health Nuts shop Shopping Area with lots of products


Pre-made food at Health NutsDelicious pre-made foods ready to order


What I loved about this cafe in terms of the vibe and aesthetic was how green it was, especially downstairs. All the greenery makes you feel like you’re in a tropical oasis. It almost… relaxes you. I wish more cafes filled their space with greenery!


All the green plants in the dining area


Now… you might be wondering what we even ate or drank. We started off with a nice drink as I felt like something refreshing.


Anti-inflammatory golden milk $10

This was made with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, spinach, black pepper, banana, coconut milk and vegan protein and it was really refreshing and quite tasty.

Anti-inflammatory golden milk $10



Now although it was lunch time, my porridge-loving husband thought it was exactly the right time to order some porridge (some of you might know this by oatmeal).

Tahini Porridge $13.50

This was cooked with vanilla almond milk and topped with banana, tahini, maple syrup, toasted seeds, almonds, buckinis (toasted buckwheat) and hemp seeds.

tahini porridge Tahini porridge $13.50


Now I’m not a big fan of porridge to start with but I really appreciated the unique take on what can often be a really boring dish, which has the same toppings everywhere you go. I would never think to put tahini on porridge but I actually really enjoyed it! It’s also a fabulous way to add quality fat for lasting fullness and energy. This dish packed a protein punch too, so all in all it was very nutritious and satisfying.


Super sandwich $13

For our final taste of this menu we decided on this cool sounding sandwich, made on gluten free charcoal bread. It was topped with tomato, cucumber, sprouts, pickled onion and beetroot hummus, with a generous serving of cashew aioli.


super sandwich

super sandwichSuper sandwich $13.00

Such a cute sandwich right? The contrast of black bread with bright red-purple hummus, amongst the colours of raw veggies looked like… what’s the tasty version of “music to my ears”? Well, it looked really tasty and enticing and with the aioli, which added a nice level of savoury richness, it was really yummy!


Some nice seating areas inside the cafe


I think sometimes people forget how food can be healthy and still yummy and interesting, as well as a reasonable price. I’m happy to have found a great cafe in Sydney which is all these things, especially because I find all these things easier to find in Melbourne.

Plus the cafe ticks all my healthy-eating values but also caters to some other diets, with paleo and keto options on offer too. It’s hard to find a cafe that has something for everyone!

Anyway, I’ll definitely be returning soon. This is my new favourite cafe… maybe even my most favourite in Sydney!

Until next time,

Yoshiko XX

Health Nuts is located in Sydney and is open Mon-Fri (7am-8pm), Sat (8am-8pm) and Sun (8am-6pm).
Address: TG04, 82-94 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW, 2011
Visit their Facebook page here:



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