Facts of Gyoza, the Japanese dumplings!

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Gyoza is Japanese dumplings and these days people are getting to know them, thanks to the popularity of Japanese cuisine! BUT…Are you eating nasty gyoza, the Japanese dumplings without noticing?

If you eat them at Japanese restaurants or buy frozen pre made gyoza, then most probably you are! Do you know that most Gyoza’s you eat at restaurants and in stores are filled with MSG chemicals? MSG is one of the worst food additives on the market, you can find it in a lot of restaurants and supermarkets where you buy your gyoza or dumplings.

Do you know most Japanese restaurants outside of Japan deep-fry gyoza? This is the REAL JAPANESE WAY to cook Gyoza! Using frying and steaming techniques, makes the healthy and delicious Gyoza,  where the outside is perfectly crunchy and moist inside! But don’t worry,  both techniques will be done in a frying pan.


I will out gyoza recipes very shortly so you can make at home 🙂 The best way is you come to my superfoods gyoza cooking classes in Sydney.

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My cooking classes in Sydney are actually vegetarian / vegan cooking class,  meaning cholesterol free cooking class. Not vegetarian or vegan? Don’t worry! You will be amazed how tasty they are and also it is very easy for you to make meat version at home.

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