Easy tips to use konnyaku for weight loss!

Do you know what konnyaku (aka konjac) is? It is one of my favourite Japanese superfoods and I eat more often when I eat lots of naughty foods – basically when I need to detox and lose weight. Many people try it a few times but stop having it because of its texture and smell . Today I am going to share some easy tips to use them on a daily basis.

My hubby is actually not a big fan but there is a method make him eat without noticing! Konnyaku is not only good for weight loss and detox but also heart health, gut health and overall health because of the high alkalinity level – it is actually highest alkaline level food that I know of!

Konnyaku  is now very well known for being the weight loss saviour while Japanese have been eating this for long time. Konnyaku noodle in West is now called – miracle noodle, slim pasta and so on. But many people stop using them because of konnyaku’s texture and smell so here are my tips.

konnyaku can help you to lose weight



Konnyaku (aka konjac) is a traditional Japanese jelly-like food, made from an ancient root vegetable called Konnyaku potato. In Japan it is colloquially referred to as a potato, but it is actually the corm (underground plant stem) of the Konjac plant.

It is also known as a miracle diet food since it is extremely low in calories ( technically zero calorie ) and also a rich source of the unique dietary fibre called Glucomannan, which greatly expands in your stomach to make you feel fuller for longer.


TIP 1 

Go for white konnyaku and per boil.

Grey konnyaku contain seaweeds, that give it a more fishy smell that can put you off  and grey does not look very appealing and is harder to hide. White konnyaku is also easier for you to eat compare to grey.


Go for white konnyaku! 




Even me, who has been eating konnyaku since childhood and actually likes konnyaku, I can’t have konnyaku on daily basis as it is. But I can if I mix with my favourite carbs such as rice, spaghetti , Japanese noodles like soba, the buckwheat noodle and udon.

This way, you can add amazing alkalinity in your meal and reduce the amount of carbs without feeling hungry.

Vegan Carbonara – Spagetti  + Konnyaku noodle 


When making pasta, it is easier to add thick sauce because konnyaku itself doesn’t absorb flavour like real spaghetti.

Many people just substitute carbs to konnyaku, then can’t continue but this way, it is much much easier and sustainable.

Just adjust the amount – in the beginning you can start by adding konnyaku 1/4 amount of carb then increase to see how much you can handle.

I like half and half but my husband who is not a big fan of konnyaku can handle 1/3 konnyaku, 2/3 carb.

Zaru soba – 100% buckwheat soba + konnyaku noodle – I normally mix them but I did it like that because it looks prettier for photo 




Still can’t handle? Ok, I totally understand because my Irish hubby was like that in the beginning.

What you can do is chop very finely or blend together. I put konnyaku sheets into a food processor or chop white konnyaku noodle very finely then add into rice which makes it is very hard to notice.

You can also completely hide the visibility –  add to your fillings for dumplings, spring roll, rice paper roll etc. Once wrapped, you ( and your picky eater family member ) can’t see it and just eats. I do this for my Japanese superfoods gyoza class. We make filling with and without konnyaku. Attendees says they can’t tell the difference.


Konnyaku Gyoza


Once you hide visually and chop finely, you won’t notice.

Don’t want to make gyoza? Then you can add to your smoothie. I do this very often since my hubby’s breakfast is smoothie during summer.

Konnyaku Smoothie – Perfect for Summer!


I hope these tips motivated you to start having konnyaku. It is not only great for weight loss but also detox, gut health, heart heath and really over all health.


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