Food can change us in many ways

Do you want to be healthy? be happy? age well?

Food can help! I am a serious believer of ” WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” because I witnessed myself!
that is why I run a healthy cooking school in Sydney to share my knowledge as much as possible.
To be able to eat to make us healthy,
happy and age well, we really need to educate ourselves as well as learn how to cook.
We are surrounded by many bad foods that don’t support us, so we need to know what’s good and bad. It is getting so tricky to find bad one because of the clever marketing term.
Also,  it is very important to be able to cook tasty food to maintain a healthy diet.
I believe education in food and cooking are one of the most important life skill
Please watch my video to see why I think that way!

not convinced?

Research suggests Home Cooking is a key for Healthier Diet

To me,  I don’t need to see the research.  I used to put extra oil or butter to taste good and also it is easier for me to cook as well. Most chefs in restaurants don’t care your health.
According to Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research,
people who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less
I believe that being able to cook is one of the most important skill. You eat healthier then you get healthy! Very simple.
and also can save money in many ways as I mentioned in the video.
I used to spend a lot of money on eating out,  cosmetics,  facial….luckily I didn’t get sick so I didn’t spend money on medical fee.
Most important thing is I am 100% confident in my health,
I think it is priceless.
I am so confident in my health,  I actually haven’t had private insurance until now!
Let’s start cooking at home more often!
Not good at cooking?
Why don’t you come and join my healthy cooking classes in Sydney? We have various classes.  vegetarian cooking class,
Japanese cooking class,  vegan cooking class,  gluten free cooking class…

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