Are you having ALIVE Miso?

Did you know that REAL MISO in the market is scarce? To enjoy all the health benefits of Miso, you must be careful choosing the right kind of miso, as ALIVE miso that is made with simple and good quality ingredients will be the only kind that will bestow legitimate values.

Health Benefits of Alive Miso

Miso contains around 400 health components (Yes, 400!) with a diverse array of beneficial nutrients,  including various types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids… and the list goes on. Research also indicates that certain bacteria from miso contribute to the production of essential vitamins, B12 and K.

Miso is abundant in antioxidants such as vitamin E, isoflavones, and saponins. This can help towards making youthful skin. Evidence suggests that consuming miso may lower the risk of certain cancers, such as stomach cancer. This reduction is attributed to the beneficial compounds in soy, which miso enhances absorption of due to its anti-antinutrient properties. Further studies propose that the risk of breast and liver cancer could potentially decrease by 50-54% through miso consumption.

Miso provides amazing health and beauty benefits!

To enjoy all these benefits of Miso, you must be having “Alive” Miso. Unfortunately, a lot of the miso you see in the market today are dead and nasty additives are included.

What’s “Alive” Miso?

Miso originates from fermented soybeans. The variety of miso stems from the duration of fermentation, which determines their distinct colours and flavours.

Unfortunately, in mass production, shortcuts in the fermentation process with heat compromise quality. This results in a loss of rich umami taste and sweetness. To compensate, manufacturers often introduce MSG, sugar, and other undesirable additives to enhance flavour. Cheap miso quite often is DEAD healthy probiotics and enzymes are killed by heating to stop further fermentation. This is done to extend shelf life without changing the colour and taste. Longer fermentation means the miso has a darker colour and stronger flavour, which can turn off miso beginners. Even though the colour may seem darker, it indicates a higher antioxidant content.  

You can consume Miso most typically in the form of Miso Soup!

Alive miso thrives with probiotics and enzymes. Helping with your gut health, it’s able to boost your gut health. As miso is also rich in probiotics, this will assist in a fast recovery from infections and fewer illnesses.

To ensure you’re using Alive Miso, I recommend you buy unpasteurised, non-GMO Miso, with simple ingredients like soybeans, sea salt (over regular salt) and rice koji, to distinguish dead nasty miso from ALIVE Miso!

An even better option is to make your own miso, so you know the ingredients inside out and ferment your miso slowly to develop a beautiful umami flavour.

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