Amazing Vegan Food at Burnt Honey Bakery, Copacabana Beach

When I decided to go to the Central Coast, I searched for good places to visit and vegan foods in the area, and this bakery always comes up and now I know why… the bread here is just AMAZING!  

We went there at least four times during our two trips to Central Coast this year.  

 One of the busiest shops in Copacabana beach!

The amazing thing here is that they offer vegan bread, cake and pies!  

Yes, of course, we did buy this! 

The only thing is that they don’t open every day, so you really have to check when they are open. Because when we saw the vegan pie sign, it was sold out then when went back again, it was closed.  

So when we were finally able to buy it, we were so happy!  

Creamy Garlic Potato Pie with Mushroom  $8.5  

Don’t be fooled by the look, it was so fresh and yummy!   

My hubby loves croissants and luckily he could buy them on the first visit. They use really high-quality cultured butter and I could not help it, I ate it… it was heavenly!!!!  

Then, we went back again in the afternoon…the next day, they were sold out.  

They are so easy to sell out. Better to go in the morning to make sure (not vegan)  

They also have a wide variety of bread loaves.  

Many types of healthy sourdough using many types of flour! 

We got two types of loaves!  

  1. Mountain Loaf – $14 – A grain-free loaf held together by oats, a variety of seeds, almonds and psyllium husk.

Mountain Bread with Matcha – very dense and grain free – I put real maple syrup on the top – such a healthy option for morning tea!   

Another one we got is a Fruits Loaf!

    2. Sourdough Fruits Loaf – $12 – Soft, white sourdough with the addition of plump and juicy dried raisins, apricots, currants and sour cherries. 

 Sourdough Fruit Loaf with Matcha  – another healthy sweet accompaniment for my matcha tea break  

These loaves are not available every day, so if you are serious about buying the right bread, better check the website for the available days for each item.   

We went to the Central Coast twice this year, and one time was during Easter – and yes, there are vegan hot cross buns, but they need to be pre-ordered.  


Are we going back to this bakery? Definitely!!! I even might pre-order some vegan goodness!  

Highly recommend this bakery!  



224 Del Monte Place, Copacabana 2251 Australia 


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