Amazing Asian vegan food at GWYLO, Mollymook  

Having this meal at GWYLO was definitely my favourite vegan dining experience during our stay on the South Coast in NSW.

The restaurant is not vegan but there are HEAPS of vegan choices, which doesn’t happen very often! The menu was very interesting and the food was so yummy. Such a dream restaurant for plant based food lovers. 

For entree, I ordered vegan Bao while my hubby had the pork Bao…

Bao bun with panko crumbed mushroom, pickled cucumber, house sriracha + cashew mayo (v/df)   $9 each  

 It is a bomb of flavour!  Mayo + sriracha is one of my favourite flavour combo plus more flavour from herbs and pickles … just gorgeous. This was my most or second favourite dish.

Another entrée, we had betel leaf,

Betel leaf, shiitake mushroom, kimchi caramel, herbs + peanuts (gf, ve)  4pc  $16  

On the betel leaf, all sweet and crunchy stuff was there. It was bit too sweet for my liking and didn’t feel like there was much kimchi but my peanut and sweet loving hubby was very happy with dish.

This next dish was my most favourite dish of this restaurant!  

Crispy miso potato, mushroom  dashi, mie goreng spice  + cashew mayo (gf/ve) $20.  

This is absolutely perfect for us – potato loving Irish hubby and dashi, the Japanese broth loving me.

Goodness, it is a full of flavour. I am sure this is my most favourite potato dish in this world so far. (yep, it is a serious statement but it is true… )  

I thought I might be upset my dashi is invaded by Indonesian mie goreng spice but no… it somewhat manages to go so well.. with mayonnaise… this dish is just gorgeous!

As a main, I picked Biang Biang noodle  

Biang Biang noodle with sesame, chilli, wombok, snake beans, lime + crispy shallot (gf/ve)  $24.  

Well, well, I am crazy about Biang Biang noodle and very spoilt by eating freshly made Biang Biang noodle in Sydney, so … let’s stay this way.  

I won’t order next time I go, but it was still tasty. It was a gluten free version so it used thick rice noodle, rather than broad and home made one that I know.

So for me it was like a pad thai, that is less sweet. Still nice and perfect combo with papaya salad.

As another main,  My hubby ordered seafood curry – unfortunately he didn’t stick to vegan menu since he wanted to enjoy fresh seafood by the coast which I can’t blame him for. He was super happy with super fresh seafood and sweet coconut curry.  

As a side, we ordered papaya salad which normally contains fish sauce. I really appreciate that the chef made this salad vegan.

Green papaya salad with peanuts, snake beans, chilli + lime dressing + cherry tomatoes (gf/ve)  $14  

There were many more vegan items on the menu to try. I have just realised there was vegan pumpkin Takoyaki on the menu.. you know Takoyaki is japanese octpus ball so I didn’t dream it was vegan… damn.  

I really love this place because the chef is professional and very creative, so menu is so interesting. I could tell the chef loves food very much so he makes tasty, flavourful vegan dishes without fake meat or being boring. You can sometimes get boring and not so tasty dishes at some plant based eateries with there are unexperienced cooks.

Anyway, in Mollymook a lot of the nearby restaurants tend to change the menu according to the season so we will DEFINITELYbe back next time we come to the South coast.

I highly recommend this restaurant!   


Address: Shop 2/85 Tallwood ave, Mollymook Beach NSW, Australia

Instagram: @gwylomollymook

Menu in May 2021  



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