Premium dive’ coming to London

Premier must support rural Ontario’Premium dive’ coming to London

A new bar restaurant in London that bills itself as a dive, with $4.95 meals, will soon be setting up on Richmond Row.

Based in Vancouver, the Warehouse Group has 15 locations in major urban markets, including Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, and has now set its sights on London.

building will be totally transformed inside and out… We have been waiting to open in London for several years. When this spot opened up, we jumped on it, said Sean Young, one of the partners in the Warehouse Group.

The Mongolian Grill shut down recently after 22 years in operation. Sources have told The Free Press the property was sold for $1.5 million to a group of investors.

The Warehouse Group was launched in 2001 when the Moose opened in Vancouver entertainment district and patrons lined up around the block.

Queen St. Warehouse in Toronto.

Many of the locations have in the cheap jerseys name and others are called the Dime or the Factory.

The bar concept recreates the atmosphere of an old, scruffy watering hole, Young said. has that look, but it clean. We created this category, so it hard to describe. You have to check it out. 2009, the outlets created a $4.95 menu with all items, including burgers, tacos, salad and chicken wings, sold at that price.

It a challenge selling meals for $4.95, Young said. not easy. At some of our locations we lose money on the food. said the renovation work has already begun and the Richmond Row location should open in a few months.

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