Matcha green tea hates stainless steel!

Do you know stainless steel can be an enemy for matcha green tea lover??

Matcha green tea is high in polyphenol like catechins. These catechins can play a significant role in our health and beauty such as antioxidant, anti-tumor,  improving brain function, regulating blood sugar level… and FAT BURNING! Matcha green tea is fabulous weapon for our beauty, weight loss and health.

However, drinking matcha green tea using a stainless steel bottle or cup, may suppress pharmacological activities due to chelation that metal ion from stainless steel bonds to the chelating agent, catechins in matcha green tea.
You can be a “witness” if you make tea in a stainless steel cup. It should turn to black colour, which may give us a poor appetite, and add the metallic flavour to your matcha green tea. Moreover, if you drink it, you may consume useless mineral, which would not be utilised in the body, and heavy metals that can invoke various disorder.
To have optimal phytochemical, beautiful colour and delicious flavour in everyday matcha green tea, it is good to avoid using stainless steel tableware.

Even though I knew it, I still made matcha green tea in my thermos for my long drive, luckily I pour matcha green tea into my white mug before driving at home, realised my matcha green tea is so black!

How to drink matcha easily

So you can’t really bring your hot matcha green tea on road, but what you can do is bring your glass bottle and matcha powder with you. you can put some water in a glass bottle and shake it then pour into a mug and dilute with hot water in your non-stainless steel cup  ( please do not use boiling water that ruin the flavour and some of the health component in Matcha green tea)


No need to use a bamboo whisk! 

I used to think we should use a bamboo whisk to make matcha green tea but matcha green tea has so much health benefits so I came up this idea to drink very easily every day.

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