Happy Healthy New Year!

Are you ready to make this new year a healthy one?


Happy Seasons Greetings!

2016 has come and gone with plenty of tremendous highs. I want to thank you all for supporting my journey in publishing my new book Japanese Superfoods and rebranding my healthy cooking school to Cooking with Yoshiko.

Japanese Superfoods have allowed me to live a happy and healthy life. It fills me with joy to know that I can make a career out of my lifelong passion to teach others to live well and eat healthy.

Stay tuned in 2017 as I hope to launch my e-course on how to naturally loose weight with Japanese Superfoods.

Live in Sydney? Why don’t you join our healthy cooking classes! We have cooking classes for weight loss! Plus we have vegetarian cooking class, vegan cooking class, gluten cooking class, Japanese cooking class… and more!

3 tips on how to become healthier through the power of Japanese food

Want to start 2017 with new healthy eating habit?

Why don’t you check out my article about Japanese Superfoods which has just been published in Nova Magazine  

You can find out my 3 tips on how to become healthier through the power of Japanese food













Join me in making your New Years resolution a healthy one!

Matcha love from Yoshiko x

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Have you been tired of being overweight or worried about your health?

I’ve created a fabulous free e-book “Top 3 Japanese superfoods for natural weight loss”. It has tips to lose weight using the top 3 Japanese superfoods that support weight loss plus yummy and easy recipes to use! Enjoy!